Thursday, August 13, 2009

Marissa's Pick of the Week - 18 Uses for $15

It's gratifying when you find a product that exceeds your expectations at a great price. It's even better when you find one that works 18 different ways! Peach Nut Oil Liquid Soap 18-1-Uses (C.O. Bigelow, $15) is a must have in every home! I have used this wonder soap on my face, hair, and body, and I've given my children a bath in it. It's great for sensitive skin and smells so good! I've also used it to clean my leather couch and car dashboard. The oil makes the leather and vinyl soft and shiny while effectively cleaning.
C.O. Bigelow has been selling this product since 1905 in their little West Village apothecary in New York City. The main ingredient, peach kernel oil, is a fast absorbing moisturizer perfect for sensitive skin. This essential oil soothes itching and irritations such as eczema. Lavender extract is an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that balances, soothes and heals. This added ingredient can help treat acne and balance oily skin. Since ancient times, Lavender extract has been used as a household cleaning agent. Other ingredients include glycerin to retain moisture and vitamin E for antioxidant protection.

List of uses:
  1. body wash
  2. shampoo
  3. face cleanser
  4. shave soap
  5. hand soak
  6. nail soak
  7. foot soak
  8. dish soap
  9. laundry soap
  10. floor cleaner
  11. car washing
  12. boat washing
  13. surf board wash
  14. pet baths
  15. jewelry cleaner
  16. comb and brush cleaner
  17. household cleaning
  18. carpet shampoo

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