Monday, August 10, 2009

Makeup Mondays: The Matte Movement

Remember when the cool, special makeup colors had shimmer, and matte color was the normal boring stuff? Nowadays it's the opposite. Of course shimmer and glitter and sparkle are everywhere! The girls love it! Supply and demand, right? I'd like to present a challenge to all you millennium kids: leave the shimmer behind. Don't get me wrong, I love shimmer too, but there comes a time for change. I personally think matte makeup is more sophisticated and does a better job at defining facial features. Maybe it's my inner goth, but deep merlot lips and black shadowed eyes exude seductive, mysterious and inviting. My softer side thinks matte neutrals are perfect for achieving a romantic, vintage look. The best brands I've seen for matte makeup are Make Up For Ever and M.A.C. Matte will probably be a new trend this fall, so keep a look out for limited edition matte makeup from your favorite brands.

My faves!

Eye shadows:
Carbon (MAC, $14.50) - the blackest black. I also use this as an eyeliner.
Orange (MAC $14.50) - the perfect orange.
Fuchsia (Make Up For Ever, $19)
Teddy Bear Colour Surge Eyeshadow Quad (Clinique, $25) - I wear this quad on simple days to brighten my eyes. It enhances a very naturally.

Plum (Make Up Forever, $19) - a deep burgundy
Rust (Make Up For Ever, $19) - warm nude
Pink Chocolate (Clinique, $14) - neutral warm pink
Diva (M.A.C., $14) - reddish burgundy; this is my favorite plum ever!
Viva La Glam I (M.A.C., $14) - intense cool red; %100 of the profit goes to M.A.C.'s AIDS find
Viva La Glam III (M.A.C., $14) - warm plum; %100 of the profit goes to M.A.C.'s AIDS fund
Sephora Flame (NARS, $24) - the perfect red for warm skin tones

Peach Apricot (Make Up For Ever, $19) - a light coral for a natural look
Pumpkin (Make Up For Ever, $19) -orange for bright and kind of crazy
Dusty Pink (Make Up For Ever, $19) - warm dusty pink for a natural look
Fever (M.A.C., $18.50) - Intense reddish burgundy for a vampy look
Melba (M.A.C., 18.50) - soft coral

Teint Idol Ultra (Lancome, $40) - oil free, buildable coverage, and wears for 14 hours
Perfectly Real Makeup (Clinique, $23) - long wearing, light weight, natural finish
Studio Tech (M.A.C., 29.50) - compact makeup that diffuses light and had a powder finish
Mat Velvet + Matifying Foundation (Make Up For Ever, $34) - oil free, controls shine, water-resistant
Dream Matte Mousse Makeup (Maybelline, $8-$10 available at drugstores) -super matte finish, light weight, buildable coverage

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