Friday, January 14, 2011

Ask Marissa...Moved to the Desert

Jane DoeDo you have any recommendations on skincare products. I have been using Clinique, Shiesido, and other stuff, but looking for a good affordable one to try out. The weather here in Vegas is dry so something new will be good. Thanks for your help!

MeIt depends on what your main skin concern is. I like different brands for different things.
Jane DoeI have sensitive skin but mainly dry out here in the dessert. Funny, my skin was oily in the Bay (Area) haha. Any good suggestion on moisturizer?
MeFor the day time, I would stick with Clinique. I love their Superdefense cream for very dry skin ($42.50). Here's my blog about it:

At night, I love Origins Night-A-Mins cream ($36). It's really thick, but it won't break you out.
I know you wanted something less pricey, but you really get what you pay for in a moisturizer. 
Cleansing can be a little cheaper though. I like either Aveeno Positively Radiant cleansing pads (average price, $7) or Oil of Olay Daily Facial Hydrating cleansing cloths (average price, $6). 

Hope this helps.

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