Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ask Marissa...Facial Hair

Jane Doe: When I use foundation, which I have to.. When I apply it under my nose and above the mouth I am left with a darkened area where it sticks to the other wise invisible small hair there all women have it I think, but when I apply foundation it suddenly becomes noticeable and looks like..well like I have the start of a mustache =( How can I prevent the foundation from sticking to the hair and still cover that area of skin up?

Me: The best suggestion I have is hair removal. Either wax or get one of those mini facial hair groomers, such as the Conair 2-in-1 Fine Line Trimmer (drugstores, $8.99). I use the hair groomer b/c wax irritates my skin, and it's expensive to keep up. The hair groomers are very gentle and won't leave bumps. I even use this on the little fuzzies around my eyes so makeup goes on smoother.
If you don't want to do hair removal, stick to powder foundations. They are less likely to give that shadow. My favorite one is Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Powder Foundation ($24).

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  1. just to followup - I recently used a similar facial hair groomer about two weeks ago, and now I'm having bumps in the area I "shaved". I'm assuming these are ingrown hairs (they're really small bumps). I'm worried about exfoliating my super sensitive skin, because THEN i will really break out. any suggestions? Feel free to point me to an earlier post.