Friday, December 4, 2009

Marissa Pick of the Week! - No More Dark Circles!

I love my concealer! It covers those pesky dark circles that my family has so graciously passed down to me. I've tried dozens of eye brightening creams that didn't work, and until this day haven't found one. Thanks to the geniuses at Lancome, I now have a remedy.
Genefique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate ($59) is a serum that you apply before your eye cream. This amazing little jar holds a magic potion that transforms dark, baggy, tired eyes into radiant, smooth and youthful windows to the world! I know that sounded completely corny, but I really do love this product. After three weeks of using Genefique Eye twice a day, I went to work without wearing concealer for the first time, and I wasn't self-conscious about it. I actually noticed that my dark circles were getting lighter.
Genefique is a scientific breakthrough different than any other eye serum in the market because it attacks genetic aging. Every other anti-aging formula targets environmental and/or chronological aging. Lancome's Bio-Lysat cocktail supports the skin's barrier while Phytosphingosine-SLC promotes rapid cell renewal, and buckwheat extract reduces bags and brightens dark circles. There's nothing in the world comparable to this product because it works with your genes from the inside out.
Genefique Eye serum is worth the $59 for the results you get. This is by far my favorite eye product Lancome has ever released. It's a universal serum that is compatible with any skin type, any age, and any skin care regimen. So, if you love your Estee Lauder eye cream, you can still use Genefique Eye serum underneath. Visit your Lancome counter and ask about the "7 Day Challenge" for a free 7 day supple of Genefique Youth Activating Eye Concentrate.

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